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Thank you!

Hi all - and thank you so much to everyone who has already contributed to this campaign.  So far I've been giving away two ConseCrates each day in October to ministers around the US! The names of the winners are being posted each day on the ConseCrate Instagram & Facebook (@consecratebox) pages. With the current funds that have come in and whatever else is yet to come in I will be able to give out ConseCrates to ministers EVERY DAY in October! Thank you!!! It is so fun to hear the joy from those who win as they anticipate getting this box of encouragement in the mail this month. 

I'm nearly a quarter of the way to my goal. It is exciting to see the buzz and excitement from ministers who are adding their names and their friends' names to the drawing every day. 

Someone asked how I determine if someone is actually a minister before I send them a free ConseCrate.  Great question - and fortunately for this project, it isn't very hard to find out information about people these days.  A simple google search helps me find out if those whose names are drawn are involved with ministry.  And it doesn't matter if the person is still a seminarian or if they are recently retired or between calls or in a current ministry position! Those at any stage of their life of ministry are eligible for the donated ConseCrates.

I just finished sending out the monthly ConseCrate - 507 boxes packed, labeled, and shipped from our office in a house built in 1890 in beautiful Detroit Lakes, MN. Next, I will be working on the "Clergy Appreciation ConseCrates" - those are some one-time gift boxes that have been ordered for men and women in ministry. I have 74 of those going out on October 15. 

For those of you who have a "reward" coming along with your donation to this campaign, those will be coming to you sometime before November 15.  

Thanks again for your support and encouragement. I will share more updates in coming days and weeks.


Blessings -