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We've almost reached the $3,000 mark! Thank you to our supporters!

Dear Friends,

Thank you all so much for supporting Cecy's! We've almost reached the $3,000 mark and have a lot of new rewards and events planned to keep marching toward that $35,000 goal! 

I wanted to give you a "sneak peek"! Click here to see some of our progress!


I've completed the clean-out phase and now I'm making it my own. Here are all the good things to come:  

  • Three artist studios. We've built divider walls and are ready to install them this week.
  • One additional artist studio for my jewelry line, Beadazzled by Cecilia.
  • Dedicated display space for the resident artists.
  • Front-of-house display space for other local artists who want to display and sell their work.
  • Storage and office space.
  • Improvements on the exterior (paint and signage)

.. and lots more! Stay tuned for more information.

Thank you again for your support. Please share the link to your friends and networks. If you are on a neighborhood listserve or a community list, we'd appreciate it if you'd share there as well!

With gratitude,

Cecy and the team at Cecy's Gallery & Studios