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December 2022 update

Hello everyone,

I can't tell you how much gratitude I have for all of you as I write you on my new laptop before I work on the next single on my new music software. To create is to truly live. And to be given the tools to create by so many people is incredible.

You also supported my merch launch in which all proceeds keep supporting my creation process. I have super soft tees and pins to sell. And my beautifully designed logo (by Smartbomb Creative Studios) looks great on them. 

The final rewards are shipping this week. I was waiting for a bit of the holiday season to lag as I know things can get lost in the mail. I also got Covid and wanted all items to be Covid free.

If you received your rewards already, please send me a picture of you in it! And if you are anticipating yours, it's coming by early January.

I am doing a short performance this week and those of you who purchased the fan pack will receive a video of that performance. More to come!

I will be adding all of you to my miss al boogie email list. If you would like to opt out, just unsubscribe from my next email. I don't spam so it's super easy.

Again, thanks again.


boogie xoxo