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miss al boogie raises $4000 in as many days as it takes

Hello faithful funders, friends, colleagues and family,

Last Thursday was the official final day of my crowdfunding campaign. But when I didn’t hit our total goal and funders reached out needing more time to give, I quietly extended it.

So far this has been so great! As of today, we are at 96% of our goal. Thank you for all your “post-campaign” contributions including generous ones from Kevin Porter and Jimena Martinez!

I am extending this campaign until we reach 100%! miss al boogie raises $4000 in 50-11 days!

In the meantime, if you ordered Boogie’s Dance Jams Playlist you will receive that in your email by Fri, October 7.  I will update you about all other rewards and when you can anticipate them by October 7 as well.


Thank you so much for being a patron of the funky funky arts! And here’s to getting to 100% very very soon!



al boogie