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1 Year Crowdfunding Update…

Can't believe it's already been a year since we launched our Crowdfunding Campaign

Since then, we've raised over $17,000 towards our mission of helping 1 million women get promoted by 2030.  

Wanted to share what our team has been able to accomplish over the past year thanks to the support of our community and IFundWomen.  

1. New Team Members

We've added new faces to our team this year thanks to our generous funders. The extra administrative and operational support has allowed us to reach more people struggling with being underpaid and underemployed.

2. New Product Launches

In 2023, we introduced a new digital product line that targets the contributing factors that lead to underemployment. These products help improve leadership skills such as self-advocacy, network building, self-awareness, and navigating workplace politics.


3. Revamped Career Development Center

Last year we expanded our Career Development Center, more than doubling our free resources, making it more accessible to people who need it the most, and introducing more practical career guides.


4. Investments in UX Updates 

We invested in website user experience updates that make our platform more accessible around the globe.

This helped us more than triple our reach within the past year, now helping over 100,000 people worldwide monthly.


Join me to celebrate all we've accomplished within a year of our campaign. And special thanks to everyone that supported our mission!



Jen Ngozi