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Updates with Double Sunday Campaign Specials!

Hi friends!

First of all, apologies for not posting a campaign special yesterday, but for good (no, great) reason!  It had everything to do with actually DOING the thing that we're all about--creating connection between people, learning new things, and helping people get closer to their food and each other.  We held our first of what I hope are MANY women-focused events on the farm; a grilling class to help women build skills and confidence cooking with fire. 

Sure, we love to host events for all genders, but we want to recognize that when women want to try things that are traditionally male, like cooking (and farming), creating a safe and supportive space can be extra important.  Some of the things our lady grillers said to me yesterday, "I'm now thinking about how to cook all kinds of things on the grill", "I was so intimidated by fire, but Jayna is fearless and I can be too", and "I've cooked fish and vegetables, but there's so much more out there!".  This is my reason for being--helping people, especially women--be successful.

So, we're going to double up on specials today...please share with your friends, and thank you!

June 30, 2019 Double Sunday Campaign Special!
1) A private grilling class for up to 8 people ($200)
2) A month-long yurt stay for $1500 (that’s a 25% discount!)

Just select the “monetary contribution” reward and tell us you would like the Private Grilling Class or Yurt Month Special!