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🥳Thank you to our first 28 backers!

Thank you so much to our first 28 and very generous backers! You helped us raise over $2,000 within our first 5 days. WOW! We love that our first 28 backers supported us within the first 5 days of our campaign, because 28 days in a cycle and 5 is the average days of a period.😉

Thank you to the 3 cis-male allies that have supported the My Comma campaign! We see you and thank you for seeing menstruators.

Your support doesn't go unnoticed, community! Watch the Thank You video here.

The fun doesn't stop here! We are about to launch our Quarterly Boxes, for the menstruators who either want a 3-month supply and/or want more pampering during their cycles. Stay tuned for the launch!