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WOW! Raised $1,000!

Hi everyone! I am super excited and grateful to announce that with your important donations starting at $5.00 to $230.......we have reached past the first goal of $1,000! WOW WOW WOW! 

It is beautiful to observe the evolution of community coming together in new ways. One of my primary goals is to inspire others to believe that they too can follow their knowledge of healing and get out of the boxes provided for them. I am constantly being motivated through my networking discussions as we talk about how they also are inspired by this message. 

I will be continuing to send out messages via various platforms for increasing the networking! I am doing my best however you all are super important to this process! Sharing this campaign is one of the most important aspects, so thank you all who have gotten us here to this funding milestone, and also thank you for continuing to share and keep this going!

Announcements to come regarding the permit, events, live discussions, and other platforms of information. 

With LOVE Kim Z