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The update from day 3:

I want to thank you ALL for your support during the start of my campaign to launch the Athlete Agenda. We really hit the ball rolling and smashed through my day 3 goal :-D I would love to keep this momentum going, and be able to close the campaign early and ship earlier too! 


Please consider sharing my campaign with your network; maybe a friend that wants to start a fitness practice, a family member, or a team you're part of. This goes beyond sharing a product; it's sharing a lifestyle, a way of thinking, and casts your vote in the world for people leading more mindful and intentional lives... but it's just a planner for athletes. Because, that's my niche, that's our niche. We can't solve all the problems in the world at once. We can't reach all the people and tell them to slow down, breathe deep, and do a little self-reflection. But, together, maybe we can reach athletes.. current and aspiring. If we can just get our niche healthy and happy, that will spread into their friends and families too. I'm asking you to help share my campaign today if you think that the Athlete Agenda will help people, in a world of mindless consumerism and worthless products, I'm trying to create balance with a product that spreads good. 

I'm not pulling anyone's leg when I say that keeping a detailed training journal; taking the time to set my intentions before my workouts, and reflecting on how the workout went afterwards, was the thing I think helped more with my athletic performance than anything else I've tried over the years. 


Yes, you still have to "do the work." But, when you get clear on why you're going out there, it keeps you focused. Even when you just need to go out and clear your head, that is an intention worth keeping in focus! 


I hope you start using the digital download as your guide. (Even if you ordered the hard copy - this can be your rough draft, a rehearsal!) Not just in setting your own agenda and prioritizing the goals that matter most to you, but in checking in on yourself as if you were the coach, not the athlete. Ask yourself how you're feeling, how's your mood, how's your energy? These daily subjective measures that you put in the "Mood & Metrics" section will become your guide to when to push harder and when to recover longer, and over time, you may find them to be more accurate than any digital device on the market!