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The Quest Continues!

Hi there funders!

By now you might have heard about a little hiccup on our journey.  The property that we had identified in Lino Lakes for our first brick and mortar location did not work out, sadly. So Morty and I are back on the hunt for a new site.  Just like every great adventure, they'll need a few plot twists, right?!?!

We are back to sniffing around to find a new spot to call our own, where we can invite you all to join us for good fun in a safe and welcoming dog park space that Morty's Bark & Brew will be known for.

Regardless of where we end up, our mission to build a wellness community for dogs and their humans stays the same.  We are keeping our crowdfunding campaign active to support that mission and to raise funds that will be used for our very first location.

I'm so grateful to everyone who has pitched in so far. However, I understand that some of you may have contributed specifically to support the new biz in Lino Lakes. To you, I say extra thank you for your support and trust. However, if you would like a refund of your contribution, please email me directly at [email protected] and I will refund the money you paid.

Morty's is on a mission to build a wellness community for dogs and humans in the Twin Cities. 

Thanks for continuing on our quest with us!

Happy Zoomie!

Air | Founder of Morty's Bark & Brew