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Thank you 💝

Dear Outpatch community,

Our campaign is complete! We entered Christmas weekend our hearts filled with incredible gratitude for the support you've shown us during this crowdfunding campaign and for many of you, throughout this entire year. Truly, we can't thank you enough for helping us successfully reach our crowdfunding goal of $10k (and then some). Stay tuned for a follow up (by the end of the week) regarding all the sweet sweet rewards we can't wait to send your way.

Despite the sorrow that still seems to be swirling around these days, our faith in the power of this community to light the way to a better future is unshaken and we are incredibly excited for what 2022 holds.

Here's a small preview of what your support will allow us to accomplish in the New Year:

- Transitioning to a thread material made out of 100% recycled post-consumer plastic. Not only making our own manufacturing and supply chain more circular and regenerative but showing others in the souvenir and swag industries that it can (and should) be done.

- Expanding our give where you go model to other states in the US. This includes being able to support more grassroots nonprofits across the country as well as work with more incredible local artists. Soon, Outpatch may be in a town near you if we aren't already!

Be well, be safe, and we hope you all had a happy holiday.


With Love,

Henry & Rachel