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62% funded—project & reward update

Happy December!

On the behalf of the BBWP team, I wanted to send over a short email to update our generous funders on the process of the project and especially the status of your rewards!

After the team returned from their roadtrip, we entered post-production and have actively been looking for an editor to help us move along—so exciting! The team now is taking a break for the holidays and will be back up in running in the new year. 

As far as rewards, here's what you need to know if you purchased:

Love on the road aka a postcard love note: This should have already made it to you if you correctly filled out the address form when sent out earlier in the Fall. 

Portrait session with Shakivla (me): I will be reaching out to you to get you on my calendar ASAP :) 

Mystery print: Please fill out this form with the address you want the print sent to and Eva will be in touch with you in the new year.  

Roadtrip playlist: This has already been delivered. 

Front row seat aka invite to a Zoom conversation with the team: We will push this to when we are further along the process and keep you posted!

Resume upgrade: Odalis will be in contact with you in the new year. 

Your name on the big screen: Thank you for your very generous contribution. The team will be in contact when we get to that stage of the process.

Embrace Your Essence Shoot: Eva will reach out to you in the new year. 

The Ravens' football: Odalis will reach out to you in the new year. 

If none of these apply to you it's because you donated a special monetary contribution not linked to a reward or you purchased the virtual hug—all so appreciated. Please don't hesitate to ask me any questions!

Happy holidays,

Shakivla & The BBWP Team