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Collective Kind: Week #2 Update

Hi Collective Kind friends!

We've had quite a WEEK! So many reasons to be grateful for:

  • We've been promoted by iFundWomen in their newsletter as one of the most raised campaigns this week!
  • Facebook has promoted our campaign for FREE (a $500 credit value!)
  • We've been featured at Pardon me for Asking for our upcoming Gowanus microschool!
  • Brazilian-American journalist Pedro Andrade (CNN, Vice News journalist) promoted our campaign to half a million people!
  • Our one and only Anna Ellis Nesser has been featured on the Beloit College alumni spotlight!
  • And - we've made it to $20K :)

There is still $10K left to reach our goal, so your willingness to pass along our campaign to your own communities who will benefit from our message is essential! Check out our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn for posts to share, or feel free to send out a message via email or on any relevant parent, caregiver, educator and community listservs.

As every week, as we continue to raise funds, look out for some fun rewards we've unlocked. This week we unlocked the children's book REVAMP, a list of 100+ Anti-Bias and Nature-based Children's Books (PDF) to do a total refresh of the most relevant, inclusive and diverse children's books for your home or classroom library!


Anna Caroline, Anna and Clara

The Collective Kind Team