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We're doubling down!

This week we're officially at 35% of the raise with just 22 days left! So I'm doubling down...

I'm adding new rewards all week!

If you know me, you know I LOVE to cook. It's a passion second only to travel.

So the first reward I'm adding (actually by popular demand) is a group cooking session with me! Yes, I will teach you and a few of our friends how to make something exceptionally yummy.

If you don't believe... check out my instagram

Personally, I would love to share some of the recipes I've learned from locals on my international travels. But it's up to you!

Trying to reverse engineer your mom's meatloaf? Want to make the perfect party canape platter? How about dessert? Whatever you want to learn, I got you!

We can do in person (Denver or Chicago area) or via zoom.  Badda bing, badda boom!

Ya'll this brand and business mean the world to me so I'm going to bring you the very best of me to get it funded. So, grab a cooking class... share with a friend (great for birthdays!)... and let's get this raise done!


Founder, BlackTravelBox