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$28K+ raised—last day, help me get to $30K!

Hi everyone - It's Iquo, checking in again!

I'm thrilled to report that we raised $4765 in the past 48 hours with the support of generous donors—plus a matching funds sponsor yesterday!

Special shout out to Stephen for believing in me and this work; to Andrene, for repping Stanford to the fullest; to Yvette, for repping Stanford and one of my all-time favorite shows Living Single; to Theresa, repping Naija Gals NYC, for bundling several contributions from her friends and family; and to my sis, Anniedi, for letting me sleep on her couch for free for years and still helping me raise money for my dream!

We've now raised $28k+ for Elizabeth's Daughter and are moments away from our $30k goal.

I can't believe just 6 weeks ago I had $0! This campaign is a true demonstration of the power of community and collectivity to achieve any dream.

Today is officially the last day of the campaign, but I still need your help.

We are $1,637 away from our goal and I'm confident we can raise this today with 10-20 additional funders. But I need you to text—yes, text!—the following message to 5 of your friends and/or family today:

I just supported an amazing project to create a memoir gallery and residency for African womxn artists in Nigeria. It's a historic campaign to preserve land, legacy, and culture for generations, while building a global platform for artists & Africans to tell their stories. Join me:

You might be wondering, Why do I need to send a text message? Can't I just post on social media?

Here's why. Social media posts are great for buzz, but they don't generally yield a high response rate for donations. Getting beyond excitement to an actual donation requires direct person-to-person communication, otherwise known as word of mouth. So if you text, WhatsApp, or DM that message directly to a few people you know, you're more likely to nudge them that way than by posting on social media—though you're welcome to do both!

Today is officially the last day of the campaign.

I can hardly wait to cross the finish line! But I got an extension through the end of the day tomorrow to accommodate last-minute funders. Let me know if anyone you know wants to give after tomorrow, and I'll send along my PayPal/Venmo/Cash App details.

Thanks again for your support, I couldn't do any of this without you!

This is only the beginning and I'm really excited to bring this project to fruition. Stay tuned!

All best,


P.S. If you're feeling fancy and want to go the extra mile, check out this social media + email guide with pre-written text and images you can use to reach out to people today. Thanks again!