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Help us get to $17k!

Thanks so much to those donors to the campaign who gave yesterday and last night.

  • Thomas D.
  • Farai
  • TRUE
  • Fanon W.
  • Aurin S.
  • Elizabeth A.
  • Paulette K.

Because of you we are getting closer to $17k and closer still to our $20k milestone! With only 21 days left in the campaign, every single donation and act of support helps. 

It is stunning to remember that I launched this campaign in 5 days, and humbling to realize that we've only gotten this far because of the generosity of this incredible community.  If you, or a creative friend you know, want to learn how to launch your own dream project in only 5 days like I did, you can take my Launch Your Dream course - a $30 donation makes it so. Help them launch their dream while you help me build mine. Donate and educate! :-)

I am so grateful to you all. Let's continue to build this amazing project together! 

All best,