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We did it! $15k!

I am so so thrilled to announce that, thanks to you amazing supporters,  we have met and surpassed our $15k milestone! We are now a little over half of the way to successfully reaching our $30k goal. Special thanks to those who gave yesterday to get us over the hump:

  • David Osei-A.
  • Sharee
  • E. B. Ndah, PharmD
  • Ebony C.
  • Wayne Moore Jr.

I'm both pleased and excited that we've gotten this far, and also a bit nervous knowing that we have less than 25 days remaining to cover the rest of our goal. I know I could not have done this without every single one of you supporting this campaign through your giving and sharing with your communities. Thank you! you have all made this possible and I cannot wait to see us reach the final milestone of this campaign together. 

We did it!