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Thank you all so much

On the back end of our mini campaign to reach $5k in 10 days, we are still $445 away from reaching $15k. While we may be a little disappointed that we didn't hit our goal, I'm also reminded that the middle of a campaign is typically the slowest. Still, I'm incredibly grateful to our givers over the last day:

  • Naomi A.
  • Lewis Family
  • Sarah C.
  • Tiffany Renee T.

I went live on Facebook yesterday to give an update on the campaign, and I've got a few other livestream conversations lined up in the coming weeks. Check out my social media at @iquoessien on FB and IG and @elizabethsdaughter on FB for full details about them all. 

We're so close to $15k right now! This milestone will take us to 50% of our $30k campaign goal, increasing our chances of success. We're pressing on! 

All best,