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We did it!

I am blown away today. My heart is so full. Thanks to some amazing donors over the past 24 hours, we not only reached our goal of hitting $10k raised by the end of the weekend, we exceeded it! 

Thank you so so much to:

  • Laurel 
  • Kirsten 
  • Abena
  • Rebekah 
  • Tumi
  • Michael L.
  • Michael M.
  • Nicole
  • Naima 
  • Sharnell F.
  • Ade
  • David

And to all of our other funders throughout this campaign. We are ⅓ of the way to full campaign funding and I am so deeply appreciative to each and every one of you. 

Monday kicks off our push to raise $5k in 10 days (again), and I invite you to support that goal by sharing this project campaign with your family, friends and community. You can follow me on FB @iquoessienstudio to easily share the posts I’m sharing, or you can simply ask them to give at the campaign page 

We did it!