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We raised $7k in 6 days!

I am so so grateful for all the support for this campaign! Two nights ago, I reached out to several friends who supported my Indiegogo campaign for my short film, Aissa's Story, 10 years ago (!!) when I was in film school. I asked them to help me cross the $6K mark by midnight, and within 30 minutes, we crossed!
Then last night, thanks to some amazing funders, we crossed the $7K mark! My heart goes out to everyone who has helped us get this far.

  • For Elva and Janet
  • Jill
  • Sharon
  • Stephen 
  • Lili 
  • Raul 
  • Leslie-Ann 
  • Lucas 
  • Katharine
  • Elan 
  • Lauren 
  • Major and Audrey 
  • Anonymous
  • Pat 
  • Chantal
  • Okokon 
  • Roopa 
  • Christian 
  • Denae 
  • Ellen 
  • Jeunee 
  • Elizabeth 

These early milestones make all the difference to the future success of my campaign. Thanks for your donations, your shares, your love, and all around good vibes! I couldn't do this without you.