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Day 5!

Thank you so much to the Day 4 donors to my Elizabeth’s Daughter Memoir Gallery & Artist Residency:

  • Aminah 
  • Mimi 
  • Grace
  • Happiness
  • Sarah 
  • Nicole 
  • Tomi 
  • Ralph 
  • Kamron 
  • Kofi
  • MK 
  • Lyndon 
  • Elizabeth 
  • Solwazi 
  • Fedna 


Thank you in advance to everyone who will give today. We’re still trying to hit our $10,000 goal, and every little bit counts. That will increase our chances of our success.

Don’t forget, you can take my Launch Your Dream course and learn how to launch a dream project in 5 days (just like my campaign!) with a $30 donation. So you can help me launch my dream while learning how to launch yours! 


I am so so grateful for your support!