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I am moving again, and I am hopeful

Hi, funders. If you know my work (, you will know this is not odd for me. I started having insomnia several weeks ago. I believe that my body knew something was going on up ahead.

After that, the city of Oakland (I assume) changed rules about housing through AirBnb. The owners of the hostel where I am staying announced that we could only renew clients stays in thirty day increments.  Two days ago no Monday, they announced that they are closing as of November. 

After the  policy change, I began looking for an alternative. I had been going back and forth with another AirBnb landlord affected by the changes.  Today I told her my situation and asked her if she could help me. It turns out that she is interested in a system of reparations for African Americans. My fingers are crossed that she will be able to help me get a more permanent situation so that I can finish my writing. Fingers crossed.  Without contributors, I would not be living sheltered today.

We are all instruments in our collective healing. 

Also, I've started experimenting with instagram and facebook as a marketing platform. I am very new to working with social media for marketing, especially instagram. Check out my series of videos.