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Funder's Report - See how your funds are being used.

As promised, here is our first 3-month Funder Report of how we are using the funds.

We want to take a moment to Thank You for contributing to our "GPS for Success!" Fundraiser.  As we strive to help survivors of Domestic Violence rebuild their lives with Gutsy Pivot Strategies, Community, and Tools…

We couldn't do it without your support!

Every life we positively impact and redirect is thanks to YOUR contribution and wish for a Gutsier future! We and the people we help now, as well as the countless others to come, are grateful! 

As promised, here is our first 3-month Funds Management Summary:

  • Total Contributions             $ 2,731.00
  • Banking / Platform Fees     $   305.72
  • Contractor services            $     80.00
  • GPP Printer                            $ 1,593.75
  • Shipping/Office Supplies   $     90.33

The Gutsiest take away… the TOOL ("Gutsy Pivot Planner "GPP") has been printed and distributed!

We were able to negotiate a better price with a local printer and commercially print the GPP ahead of schedule, due to their flexibility and belief in our program.  In addition, if you didn't see our Facebook Page, the freshly printed GPP's were shipped out to our GPS Program Participants and Fundraiser Contributors in May. 

We continue to hear from GPP users that this Planner is helping them stay organized so they can get things done to achieve their goals and move forward with life!  YOU helped get this GPP planner printed and distributed for them – thank you!

Looking forward…

  • We have been encouraged to continue to keep the fundraising campaign alive and expand the program to different shelters as funding is received.
  • There are four Domestic Violence Shelters, in three states, that are interested in giving our GPS Program to leadership, advocates and/or participants.  Those states include Montana, Nevada, and Illinois
  • Several companies have reached out to be involved with our mission through the Corporate Workshops Reward.

To personalize a workshop for your company or team, contact us for a free consolation: [email protected]

  • Our next expense will be to purchase and distribute the popular Gutsy Mugs as promised!

 How can you help…

Our friends and family often share a similar Gutsy vision, please share our campaign and spread the word of our activities and successes!

YOU are helping others achieve their goals as they utilize the Gutsy Pivot for Success Strategies, Community, and Tools! Creating a Gutsier future.

Be Gutsy… Pivot!