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Rewards are ready! Have you received yours?

Hi to our amazing contributors! Thank you again for your support of our crowdfunding campaign. Rewards are ready, but we've learned that the reporting tools through IFundWomen are very limited and the platform doesn't gather important information like addresses and phone numbers by default. 

If you still need your rewards, please text us at 916-538-3482 or email Cat, one of our Lead Booksellers, at [email protected] to check in. Or if you live in the area, you can also come by - we're open 6 days a week! Come Monday 7-12 or Tuesday-Saturday 7-6 and let someone at the bookselling counter know that you are here to pick up a crowdfunding reward.

Thank you for your flexibility and patience. The reporting is so flimsy that we cannot recommend IFW to others doing fundraising, and we apologize for how that has affected you! 

See you soon,

Emily Autenrieth, Owner