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That's a wrap! (& when to expect your reward)

Hi all -

Well, that was a doozy! We officially wrapped the campaign last week and all I can say is WOW! Creating this product and running this campaign has been such an experience - a very positive one, to be clear! :)

I'll share more via email soon but posting some quick updates for those of you who have gotten into the habit of checking this page:

For those of you who purchased digital rewards - Keep a look out in your inbox over the next few weeks! 👀 

For all of you who purchased cards and/or other physical rewards - You'll be getting a note from me within the next week to confirm your address for delivery. Please keep an eye out and if you don't see an email by 5/1 contact me directly at [email protected].

Know that we are working with our vendors to produce everything in a timely manner. Fingers crossed for a speedy delivery but as you know, COVID-19 has created some delays in shipping times. I will keep you posted on all things fulfillment over the next few weeks and I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

For anyone who wants more cards or missed the chance to contribute - Please contact [email protected].

Have a wonderful day and weekend, and again, major thanks - this product would not be coming to life without you!

- Jane