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$10K, baby! Here's what's next...

We did it! YOU did it!!

We surpassed our first fundraising goal of $10,000 (!!!!!)

This note is part deep, sincere appreciation; part update on where we'll be taking the campaign next and how you can continue to support; and part insight into what to expect from the product and my company soon....

First, I want to own that it's taken me a bit of time to put this update together. This has been for many reasons - excitement teetering on burnout, wanting to move fast to get some new things put together for the campaign (keep reading!!), and finally, because I wanted to gather my thoughts and give a meaty, meaningful update on where we'll be taking the campaign next, rather than just gushing.

But let's start with the gushing.

It's difficult to put my appreciation into words. I am thrilled that you believe in the product and that you believe in me.

I deeply believe in this product and for those who purchased the cards know that I am so excited to get them into your hands soon.  (Note - You should have received a email from me with details on delivery and timing; please continue to keep an eye out for messages once we wrap up the campaign next month.)

Okay, that gush amount feels okay for now. Onto where we'll be taking the campaign next...

We still have OVER two weeks to continue to run the campaign. You might be wondering why we're still going. The reality is $10K is the minimum we need to produce at a sustainable scale and set up things like online sales and fulfillment. But we need to keep going to set us up beyond this first phase plus, again, I truly believe in the product and want to continue to offer this special inaugural card deck for as long as possible.

With that, here's a glimpse at are our campaign goals and what we'll do at each level:

  • $10K: Bring the product to life (done - YAY!)
  • $15K: Begin to develop expansion packs (cards for topics like entrepreneurship, networking, performance management, etc.) as well as to offer sustainable coaching scholarship(s)
  • $25K: Begin to digitize the product

We've added more rewards to help us achieve these goals. You can still get the complete inaugural card deck but now you can also get a mini downloadable deck.

The downloadable deck is made up of different cards; it has questions that focus on leadership. We've also added in the option to fund a scholarship program at various contribution levels. (Note - If you'd like to discuss funding an entire coaching program send me a message at [email protected])

Here's how you can continue to support:

  • SHARE with your network! This is honestly the most important part of a successful campaign; any and all shares help (Note - You should have gotten assets to share and tag/CC me on to be entered into a special drawing. Be sure to check your email if you missed that!)
  • Purchase a new reward
  • Tell us if you want to be an early feedback provider - if you've purchased a card deck we'll be sending follow up emails for feedback and reviews and we can flag your name now!

Again, major thanks and appreciation for your contribution and support. It truly means the world to me. I can't wait to keep moving forward on the campaign and for leaders everywhere to start using The Growth Stack!

- Jane