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Wohoo! $630

Hi Everyone!

I sincerely THANK each and every one of you for your generous contributions to the campaign! I'm so grateful to everyone and to get to bring this joyful work into the world.

Here's a little video update I posted on Instagram the other day. :)

If you can SHARE THIS VIDEO or the link to the campaign with 5 FRIENDS, I'd be so appreciative. Would love to gain some new momentum.

I'm SO EXCITED to help lots of people learn how to cook well for their families all the time, and mix up their meals so dinner is never boring. 

Stay tuned because I'm creating a 3 week series in April all about how to cook eggs in all the ways! We'll even do natural egg-dying for Easter. :) The other series is all about how to grow easy herbs and vegetables and then how to cook with them in practical, delicious ways.

Hugs to all and hope you're enjoying the first glimmers of spring, wherever you are! I sure am! <3 

Much love,