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Nov 19 - 12,194USD

10 days left!  WE ARE SO CLOSE!  This is SO exciting!  Everyone is pulling through, sharing the campaign and contributing so that we can get these wetsuits produced and onto water women!  

Total raised to date:  $12,194USD (61% of new target-20,000)

Total Funders to date:  63

  • Total Wetsuit Pre-Orders:  34 (42.5% of new target-80)
  • Partner Rewards from Stream2Sea, Scuba Sisters, Truli Apparel:  15
  • Exclusive Experience ~ Dive with Mia:  2
  • Monetary Contributions:  5
  • I Believe in You! Contributions:  3

Still really trying to expand the network and have a few more influencers who will be sharing the campaign.

Thank-you all so much!

Are you Canadian/British/Australian and can't contribute in USD?  Make your pre-order here.