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Wow!! One Week Left to Make the Dream Work!

Thank you to everyone who has backed our campaign so far and shared with their friends and family!

It has been a journey. CUPs Coffeehouse started in 2012 with a dream, and it is you volunteering to work with our youth, you stopping by for a coffee every morning, you suggesting CUPs for your work event's caterer, and now you donating to our iFundWomen campaign that has kept the dream alive. Without your help, CUPs and Project I CAN could not have worked with over 200 young people to give first job opportunities and second chances.

Here are some highlights from this past month's campaign:

  1. Holly and Kenika did a live Q&A on Facebook. They got to answer some great questions about CUPs' mission and work. Check out the video!
  2. We started working with a new cohort of youth! They are going to finish their first month, supported by YouthWorks, soon and we are going to have a celebration Breaking Bread potluck—watch out for that invite!
  3. We launched our Working Lunch program with Civic Works at Clifton Mansion. Now, once a week, CUPs will deliver lunch to Civic Works, with free delivery! No more fast food, no more wondering where to go, when you know your CUPs delivery is coming! If you are interested in seeing if this program is right for your office, reach out to us at [email protected]
  4. Kenika announced that she is now a co-owner of CUPs upon her 6-year anniversary of working at CUPs. She donated $60 for six years and asked the CUPs family to match her donation.

Recently, one of our graduates wrote:

I can't wait until there are CUPs shops open all throughout Baltimore and other poverty-stricken places to give others the same chance I was given, to share the love that is so palpable when you walk through the doors, to give teenagers who are told over and over that they'll never amount to anything, a home and hope for their future.

We can't wait either.

Please take this opportunity for one more push! Send our iFundWomen page and our video with Holly to your friends and family with your reasons for why you support us! Together, we can show Baltimore's youth that we aren't giving up!


The CUPs Coffeehouse Team