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It's Been a Long Time...

Hello Backers! 

I realized that it's been a long time since I left you...with a dope beat to step to?! 

Nooo, with an update!

So, first... I apologize for the delay in communication. I want to remain as transparent as possible in this process and that starts with me being honest with myself and then I can be honest with you all.

There was a minor setback (didn't feel minor while it was happening, might I add) where I was aligned for a small business loan with the Latin Economic Development Center.  This partnered with the Maryland Capital Enterprises small loan would cover ALL of our initial opening costs and get us one step closer to keys, closing, and grand openings! Exciting right..?

NO! That didn't happen.

As it turns out because I am a Seed/Early Stage Start-up, access to capital is even harder than I thought! I have to be making around $25,000 in revenue to be eligible for some standard Small Business Loans and unfortunately a LOT of grants.... minor starting to feel a little more major now, huh? I know!

Honestly, that stung. Well, stabbed. It started to make me doubt myself, my vision, and my business. 

However, with the help from plenty of you gracious supporters, I regained momentum and pressed forward.

-CUES Harp and Rainbow-

Everything started to pick back up and we were movin' and shakin'!

-Dun Dun DUnnnnn Sound effect decided it wanted to live here, so here it lives-

We hit yet ANOTHER roadblock! 

In applying for our EIN (Which we submitted 03 Dec!) we found out that having a snazzy business name with a symbol first, let's say, like &BEYOND, means you have to Fax in an application to the IRS and not just apply online. 

Average wait time for applications via fax: 4-5 Days.

Wait time for applications via fax in COVID: 45 Days!

-Cue Spongebob Narrarator voice "62 days later!"-


Hey Village, for 1K Simoleans, guess what you can do without an EIN while trying to officially start a business and secure rental property?!


No more Commercial Brokers, or Brokers showing you vacant spaces, no more serious grant applications, no loan applications, no opening a business bank account, and no more of the follow-through HEAVY HITTER to-do list taskers! 

So, that leaves me here. Exposed, nervous, and a little ashamed, but, proud to be letting you into the WOWman behind the curtain and telling you, I'm no WIZ. 

It’s just me, this laptop, and a pretty special dream trying to keep moving forward. 

If you've made it this far, it's because you care about me and/or my business! If that is true, please share the link to my crowdfunding pages to help me gain access to funding to open the doors! It’s more important now than ever! Honestly, even if it's a dollar!

Thank you in advance for your continued support!

I’ve also opened a merch shop on my website at for you to be able to have access to some tangible support sooner than later! If you like what you see, please buy some, or gift them, and definitely share the link!

Purchased anything? Please post pics in your merch and tag on your socials!

After making it through Black History Month with all these “problems” on my heels, I feel encouraged and inspired more than ever, that what I am doing is going to be worth it and all this HARD WORK! I know I am creating a space for ALL people to feel seen and heard, through shared experiences, in a pretty dope way, if I do say so myself...and I do say so myself.

Keep praying for me, keep putting my name and vision in places I can’t reach by myself, and keep showing me all this warm and welcomed love!

I look forward to sharing more with you soon!