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We've Got Some Work Done!!!

Hello Funders!

Wanted to rundown on a few HOT ITEMS! 


That's right! As the old saying goes, "want to tell God a joke? Tell him your plans!" We hit a roadblock and didn't let it stop us! We re-entered Success in the navigation and are back on track as &BEYOND Event Studio, same flavor, plans, and ideas! So, WINNING!!!

2. Our Officiant Materials came!!! 

One step closer to assisting our clients to have events that meet their uniquely diverse needs!

3. We are gaining some traction $$$

With your amazing support, we are reaching closer and closer to our end goal! THANK YOU! Let's keep pushing! Share our campaign with 3 of your friends and ask them for just $1 and to share it with 3 of their friends in the same regard... Do you see how we all can do this one small step at a time?

4. How could I forget, we're ACCELERATING!!!

Literally, we've been accepted into an Accelerator Program with First Founders, Inc. an organization on a mission to lower barriers for underrepresented founders to entrepreneurial opportunities. You can read more about the program and organization here.

It's been such an exciting month! Let's keep up the momentum!!! 

Can't wait to check in with you all again with MORE great news!!!