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Alma Ocean Update!

Hey you!

I can't thank you enough for the support you have given me while crowdfunding with iFundWomen. As we're nearing the end of the campaign with 6 days left, I want to let you know that the plan is to continue to seek investment and the goal is to launch this summer. I will of course keep you updated once we secure funding and have an official launch date. When dealing with manufacturers, there is a minimum amount you can order for each SKU and that is what will get us over the hump to having inventory and ready for a smooth launch.

I am so excited to continue on my entrepreneurship journey, keep sharing my story, and bring something new and exciting to an industry that left a lane wide open for me.

2020 was tough for most and for others a perfect time for them to be still and fall into their purpose. I was one of those "still" humans reflecting on how the black community is always HALFWAY in the water space. We get in the water most times, but can't swim. We get in and don't want to wet our hair.  (Alma Ocean swim caps will come in handy once we expand in the future. ; ) 

I will continue to uplift, inspire, and stay humble on my path to creating a product and community for all to feel comfortable gaining confidence in the water space AND look good while luxuriating in the new Alma Ocean Lifestyle.

If you know of anyone who would love to support my project, we still have 6 days left! 

Thank you for pouring your heart into my campaign and the encouragement you have given me to keep going. I am forever grateful. 

See you in the water,

Danielle Hodge

Oh, did you guys ever see my Target video?