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Happy Indigenous People's Day!

Hi all! It's been a bit since the last update.. a lot has been going on since then. At the moment we've decided to change the approach to the documentary - although the main focus will remain human rights issues! One of those changes is, it will now be a feature rather than a series. Which doesn't change much when it comes to this campaign - we're still raising funds to make this important documentary!

Be on the look out for some changes coming to the campaign page that will further detail these changes! 

I've been reflecting today, on what it means to be Native/Indigenous - it was not something I grew up being aware of, and it's something that I've come to learn to love. It's a very unique and beautiful thing when you come to realize and appreciate your culture. I've always thought of myself as a late bloomer and this is just another thing that I'm discovering in my adult life. So with that, I hope you - just like I, continue to learn about and appreciate Native culture and invest your time, effort, and finances into Native creators and content! 

Enjoy the day and I hope you are doing well and staying safe wherever this update finds you! 

All the best - 

Megan :)