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Keep Those Donations and Shares Coming!

Thanks to your support, both of our food trucks are functional and running once more! Our generators are in good shape, trucks have been deep cleaned, and are mobile again after months of rest!

We are also excited to welcome a new member of our team, a very experienced pupusera! We are excited to establish and grow our team in preparation to serve you!

Next major steps for us: joining a commissary space (currently on a few waitlists), getting our food trucks (the vehicle) inspected, and securing our regular spots again (Cocoa Cinnamon here we come!)

We have also decided to continue to extend our fundraiser until the total amount is raised. That might take a few weeks or months! Once we have completed the campaign, we will arrange for those rewards #PupusaPartiessss!!! #PupusaCookingLesssonsss!!!

Please keep sharing with your networks, we go further together! Gracias!