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1 Week Down!

Hi everyone!

We just wrapped up the first weekend of our campaign since our public launch and have now raised over 60% of our goal! 

We wanted to send a big thank you to everyone for sharing about the campaign on Friday for our public launch. If you haven't yet had a chance to share about the campaign, you can do so anytime! 

I started this company just over two years ago. Back then it was just me alone in my college dorm room sending out newsletters with clothes with pockets in them. Here we are now, a community 144 strong bringing this company to life. It's always been about more than the clothing but it is certainly nice to be able to know we get closer every day to bringing this workwear to life. 

These days I'm not in a dorm room anymore. In fact, I've upgraded to my family home attic. I like to think I'm having my startup garage moment just a little bit elevated. Take a peek here.

Cheers, Sarah and The Holdette Team