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Tricky Royalty Going For It 2023

Get involved in something beautiful, from the inside out.

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Tricky Royalty like many things was a company created during the pandemic. I am a nurse by trade that worked at home for a Medicaid company calling women to ensure they were still receiving their care especially prenatally while they were scared, uncertain, and confused.

During that moment along with moments of my own where I felt the same, I decided to try to do something to help women and quite frankly myself relax and find peace. I started making candles, that grew to wax melts, then bath bombs, soap, then hair oil. I was becoming my own self-care center. 

I then started doing mini pop-up shops following protocols for my co-workers to come, shop, laugh, and destress. It was working my mission to help women practice self-love through self-care had come to life.

Since the restrictions have lifted Tricky Royalty has hosted more and more pop-up shops, women in business brunches, and we have a website, Etsy store, IG and FB store, and we have a studio suite where we sell our products as well as offer small business one on one coaching for women. Our team has expanded to include my 13-year-old daughter, my best friend who has been a cosmologist and entrepreneur for 22 years, and a marketing and sales expert who helps keep us on track.

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, "Women’s labor force participation was 57.4 percent in 2019, up from 57.1 percent in 2018".  Women are going to school, raising children, starting businesses, and pursuing their dreams throughout the nation and the world. If Tricky royalty could help 10-15% of these women find their voice, harness their power, and remember to love themselves our job will feel done. 

Your donation today means we are one step closer to accomplishing that goal and we are eternally thankful to you!




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How will this money help?

Your donation will help us host our fist annual women in business self-love wellness retreat by covering the cost for women who can not afford to come on their own.

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