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Every Girl is Beautiful, Unique and A Princess. Every Girl is Fearfully And Wonderfully Made - FAWM.

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Project Description

Hi! My name is Cameo.  use.after.first.paragraph

I am the owner of God’s Princess Inc.  My business encourages girls to know that they are Princesses, Unique and Beautiful through the message of Fearfully AND Wonderfully Made – FAWM.

Growing up, I encountered peer pressure, bullying and self-love issues.  Those experiences countered my inner beliefs that I was beautiful, unique and a princess.  During those times, I longed for the guidance and support that comes from having a big sister.

That’s why I started this movement!  I’m determined to support girls as they navigate the ups and downs of preadolescent life.  I want each girl to experience the love and support that comes with having a big sister – A FAWM Sister.  I am building a sisterhood of girls who believe they are FAWM while offering a fun atmosphere in which girls can feel happy and understood.

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Currently, my business is self-funded.  I have a website, merchandise, a FAWM song and I have begun spreading the FAWM message to girls through speaking engagements at conferences, social media and other various platforms.  I’ve witnessed the FAWM message encourage and change lives and I want to reach more girls!  This message must be spread across the nation and world – That’s why I am so excited and grateful to be part of iFundWomen!

Your contribution will help me increase my outreach efforts.  This summer, I will host FAWM Fest and FAWM Girls.  FAWM Fest will serve as my official launch and over 100 girls will attend this event.  FAWM Girls is a bi-monthly program that consists of workshops on our core topics (Bullying, Peer Pressure and Self-love), an outreach project AND a FAWM Sleepover Party!


Additionally, your support will allow me to:

  1. Redesign my website to increase efficiency
  2. Produce FAWM Support Videos to virtually connect with girls
  3. Redesign FAWM App to increase services and accessibility
  4. Build marketing strategy and team
  5. Build merchandise inventory

Girls are FAWM, Princesses, Beautiful and Unique. 

It is my mission to make sure that Every girl knows that she is FAWM, thank you for joining me in this mission!

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