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I Am Cameo

Every woman deserves to live a life that is perfect as her outfit.

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Project Description

Hi! My name is Cameo, owner of I Am Cameo. 

My business helps women evolve, be beautiful everyday and create a life that is perfect as their outfit.

As a woman, single mother and entrepreneur, I deeply understand the feelings of self doubt, motherhood guiltiness and constant life balance struggles that women experience daily.  Those feelings are difficult to fight and many women give in to those feelings choosing to disregard their personal and/or career goals. 

That’s why I'm determined to support women as they navigate the ups and downs of motherhood and entrepreneurship.  Through  my goal coaching, speaking, music, fashion and group travel services.  I am building a community of women who are evolving, achieving goals and being beautiful everyday.

Currently, my business is self-funded.  I have a website, online resources, music, and other tools.  I am reaching women through interviews, conferences, social media, online coaching sessions, music and other various platforms. 

I’ve watched many women use my resources to evolve and I want to reach more!  That’s why I am so excited and grateful to be part of iFundWomen!