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Techsis for Women

We are in search of start-up funding for our business that donates a portion of our sales to help different charities in our community!

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Project Description

Currently there is a demand for the online boutique industry. The e-commerce sales in the U.S. reached exponential heights in 2022, and more people are buying online than ever before according to Forbes. It is also estimated that the average income for an online boutique is $6,013 per month. Our online boutique focuses on fashion, accessories and gifts for women, especially those who are fans of Texas Tech University hence the name Techsis. However, product lines will not be completely centered around Texas Tech fans, we will also offer products that can be enjoyed by everyone, especially women. 

 We want our customers to be fearless when it comes to fashion; meaning that fashion can be expressed by anyone despite any fear they may have. Our mission is to provide affordable fearless fashion and support to women everywhere! Techsis will offer products such as casual wear items that include jeans, trousers, blouses, t-shirts, dresses, skirts, jackets, and fan wear for women. We will also offer costume jewelry, belts, tennis shoes, flats, heels and boots. Techsis has a main focus on fashion and accessories, but will also carry a limited supply of novelty gifts as well. Most products will be bought and stored at our home location, but dropshipping will also be used.

The biggest distinction that Techsis Boutique has is the focus of supporting the community of west Texas. When customers place an order with our store a percentage of their proceeds will go to support local charities. Another unique way that we plan on doing this is by offering discount promotions that the customers can opt to donate to the charity we are featuring that month, rather than using the discount toward their total purchase.

Each owner brings their own unique experience to Techsis Boutique to ensure it’s success. Our business is owned solely by women that consists of a mother and daughter pair each sharing in their love of fashion and community. Below is each member and their contributing experience that they bring to Techsis Boutique:

Kendra (mom) brings 6 years of experience in working in and managing retail stores in west and north Texas. She also owned her own successful t-shirt printing business for 2 years, but closed the doors due to being a supportive and busy mom. Kendra was a teacher for 14 years, and  has a Bachelors degree in Child and Family Consumer Science. Kendra will contribute to the business by purchasing and managing products for shipping.

Skyler (daughter) has a degree in Business and Marketing. Skyler currently owns her own successful marketing company that has been operating for the past year in San Angelo, Texas. She was able to do this while playing golf for San Angelo State University and maintained the grade point average to be on the Dean’s List all four years of college. She brings the experience of marketing and accounting to the company, where she will take on this role.

Sarah (daughter) is currently a student at Texas Tech University and is studying Social Media Marketing. She is a member of the Delta Delta Delta sorority and brings youth and a social media presence to the company. Sarah currently has been successful at gaining followers for her social media accounts which in turn will help provide the company with establishing a social media platform. Sarah will be in charge of all social media presence for the company. 

Although the retail business is highly competitive, we believe that we stand out from the rest! We are a business ran by and for women! Our goal is to provide high-quality, attractive, durable, and affordable products, for our customers. We also pride ourselves in supporting the women in our community. Our hopes are to sell and profit from our products, as well as give support to local charities in our community. Our plan is to build and market the Techsis brand online, in order to gain a following and customer base, furthermore enhancing our ability to build a substantial equity in our business. Furthermore, this would allow us to have the funds to open up the doors to our own storefronts in Lubbock and eventually San Angelo Texas.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How will the money be used?

Your money will be used to help with startup cost associated with getting the business up and running.

What are your startup needs?

To start Techsis Boutique and make sure that it is a successful business we will need to purchase shipping and storage equipment, a camera for online posting, pictures and social media, business licenses (these have already been purchased), insurance, stationary, website (already purchased), and starting inventory. The total cost for the Techsis Boutique startup will be $5,162.49.




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