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Technology enabled platform

* Empowering young girls
* Community development
* Technical skills and vocational training for local women

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Campaign Ends on October 30, 2024

Project Description

We empower individuals and groups of women to use their skills and talents by producing environmentally friendly handmade bags and accessories. Guyene allows every woman in different African communities to have access to a platform and sell their handmade products to consumers. The purchase of every item makes women financially independent.


The Campaign FAQs

1. How much money are you raising?


2. What will you do with the money?

The replicate the idea in multiple communities targeting over 1 million women with over 250 transactions.

3. What happen is you do not reach to your goal?

Inability to reach goal will limit the number of communities help within the target.

4, Why are you focus on women?

* Majority are widows

* Highet population in the community

* Lack of education

* Force to marriage

5. Why are you focus on handmade? 

* The targeted women have skills in handmade products.

*The positive impact in climate change.



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