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Teazer Network Productions

Black woman owned production company

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Project Description

Hi my name is Cindy, I’m a 24 year old black woman woman living in the great city of Los Angeles, CA. My passion is capturing beautiful people, meaningful moments and producing eye catching content. I decided to tie all my passions into one by creating my business TEAZER NETWORK. Right now, with this business I’m able to provide photography services, production services and content creation services. My ultimate goal is create a tangible platform for millennials, specifically black millenials to create and bring their visions to life. Eventually I will turn my platform into a Production Company/Network like “BET” or “MTV”. I’m producing a podcast out of the network right now and have produced mini series, as well as music videos and countless photoshoots. A funding opportunity would ensure that I’m able to produce more content, keep the platform open for creatives and provide service to others.

My business is in the entertainment industry, which  already has a heavily over-saturated male presence. My “Teazer Network” company being black woman owned is already revolutionary, because not many women produce content for the entertainment industry. I desperately want to be a part of the women who are bridging this gap and creating memorable, entertaining, and thought provoking content. One of my favorite quotes is “create today to remember yesterday” and I want what’s being created today to say women are making amazing, high value and entertaining things that are worth seeing and supporting.


Thank you!



The Campaign FAQs


When did the campaign begin and when will it be complete? 

The campaign began June 2021 and hopefully will meet it’s goal by December 2022.


How much money does the campaign plan to raise? 

We need at least  $50,000.


How will gifts be used? 

The gifts will be used to finance Teazer Network Productions/Studio space, content and equipment.


What are the campaign priorities? 

Getting a studio space devoted to production and people working on these projects paid, ex. Actors, videographers, editors etc.


Are there ways to support the campaign in addition to giving? 

You can purchase merch from our site or book a consultation!


What happens when the campaign ends in 2022?

We will access what was raised and see if it’s possible to move forward with the amount or continue raising money.


Monetary Contribution

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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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