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Project Description

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When the terrifying words, “YOU HAVE CANCER” are spoken, the lives of that person and their loved ones change forever.

What transpires next is a primal desire to live, with the focus of daily life shifting entirely to treating the disease.

Healthcare systems excel in the treatment of cancer, and people are living longer with and after diagnosis.

However, cancer and cancer treatment side effects can leave people with devastating physical, emotional, and financial hardships that decrease their QUALITY of LIFE.


Cancer is a complicated disease with the need to navigate multiple services and align a team of providers from multiple departments.


Medical providers haven’t lost sight of the importance of caring for people with cancer, rather the focus has shifted to managing multiple priorities with less resources.

As a result, our healthcare systems lack the implementation of coordinated Survivorship services to help people recover from these side effects.

When medical treatment is stabilized or complete, people often feel abandoned and overwhelmed as they seek resources and services for the resiliency needed to regain their lifestyle and independence.

A startling 65-90% of cancer patients have at least one physical problem that affects their QUALITY of LIFE…

BUT, less than 5% of these survivors are referred to the Survivorship Services that can help.


– Most Survivorship services are covered by insurance

– Survivorship services are available nationwide

– Survivorship services can help people with all cancer types and stages

– Accessing Survivorship services has been found to decrease the overall costs of medical care and increases life span

Cancer Rehabilitation and other essential Survivorship services should be available within all healthcare systems, whether they are small, rural facilities with limited resources, or large, urban healthcare systems with many resources.

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Medical teams need to approach each survivor individually to help them control their disease, provide resources and education, and alleviate unnecessary suffering.


Processes must be implemented within every healthcare facility across the healthcare continuum to drive patients into the right supportive care, at the right time, by the right team.

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However, the development, education, and implementation of Survivorship services is expensive and often cost-prohibitive for healthcare organizations with varying priorities and budgets

Smaller and more rural or community healthcare systems should be entitled to the same consultation and guidance that improves care for their patients as well.


Survivorship Solutions is the first healthcare consultancy firm that focuses on providing essential tools, training, technical assistance, and expert guidance to implement and sustain cancer rehabilitation and survivorship services within healthcare settings of all sizes and budgets.

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Our company was founded by physical therapists who have treated these debilitating impairments from cancer, witnessed the fragility of life and the destruction of one’s sense of self and belonging.

We have evolved into expert consultants and program managers who implement essential processes within healthcare systems throughout the US to drive high-quality cancer care.

We are provided a unique perspective, being both clinicians and caregivers, as cancer has infiltrated our lives and families.

We have struggled for answers as our patients asked:

“Why didn’t I know that cancer rehab could decrease my pain, improve my strength and confidence so that I could function better?”
“Why didn’t my doctor send me for nutritional or emotional support or palliative care?”
“I wish that I had been guided financially to alleviate some of the stress”

As founders of Survivorship Solutions and medical coordinators of care, we believe it is our ethical responsibility to ensure that no one falls through the cracks of our complicated healthcare system without fulling their potential in mind, body and spirit.


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  • Our company’s founders are among very few professionals in the US who have extensive experience in developing, creating, and implementing Cancer Rehabilitation and other Survivorship programs.
  • We automate proven processes and protocols within healthcare organizations to provide each cancer survivor the same essential resources regardless of which facility they walk into.
  • We currently work with healthcare systems of all sizes and have had remarkable success developing and implementing Cancer Rehab and Survivorship services for their communities.
  • We partner with nearly thirty clinical experts and industry-leading organizations across the country to design, support, implement, and drive survivorship services within healthcare and non-healthcare entities.
  • We collaborate with leading cancer industry national accreditation agencies and other professional organizations, to promote best-practices and set global standards for healthcare professionals.
  • We consort with non-US healthcare systems who have demonstrated success in implementing cancer rehab, survivorship services, and wellness programs within their own national healthcare systems.


1. Innovative Technology in the form of a customized online learning platform that will help us provide lower-cost access to our education for organizations of ALL SIZES and BUDGETS that will transform healthcare individuals into sophisticated comprehensive teams.

data2. Global, comprehensive data capture capabilities for research and benchmarking which can effectively cross multiple Electronic Health Systems to showcase and improve patient outcomes and satisfaction, and prove the value and ROI of Survivorship services.


3. Capital support for us to provide subsidies and reduced-cost to underfunded and rural healthcare entities who deserve the same access to education and processes-implementation that will drive high-quality care for their patients


And to make this happen….

need you


  • We have all been touched by a cancer diagnosis. You can effectively help to change the current culture of how we care for our cancer survivors by shifting the focus from treating just the disease to improving the overall quality of life for those with cancer and their families.
  • If you know that there is a better way to navigate the uncertain and often scary path that is cancer survivorship…
  • If you think Americans pay enough in taxes and healthcare premiums and deserve to receive the highest-quality healthcare in the world…
  • If you love and support Kristin and Jillian… if we have ever donated to your charities or causes in the past… if you have known us our whole lives and you can see the dedication, passion, and hard work seeping from our every pore…


OR, if you have never even met us, but BELIEVE in what we stand for… please donate.


Thank you so much!

J & K

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