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Support those who loose their hair

We are supporting those who experience medical related hair loss receive medical wigs also assisting in peer recovery support services.

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Project Description

  • Our mission is to empower and support individuals suffering from medical related hair loss and embracing their uniqueness.
  • We are solving the problem for individuals that lack confidence due to medical hair loss we want to support and inspire them to. Healthy recovery.
  • Statics shows 80% of males and 50% of females experience hair loss that need medical wigs.
  • We provide natural wigs for those who are experiencing cancer alopecia or genetics hair loss
  • We are seeking funding to secure a build where I clients can walk in and get salon service treatment also attend group meetings to support hair loss. We will use the funding to provide medical wigs to those who may not have insurance.
  • We have a attorney on our team who over sees our contracts policies and procedures we also have business coaches and advisors along with community advocators
  • Thank you for your generosity and supporting hope for hair and beauty where you are making a difference in people’s life who experience hair loss.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Do we make wig?

    No we do not we outsource of vendors who makes silicone durable natural fit wigs.



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