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Hi, my name is Kailyn Celine and I am the founder of Malinis, a natural hair care brand that specializes in dandruff products. We developed our products specifically to help people who are looking for a natural solution to dandruff. What sets Malinis apart is our use of probiotics in our products, which helps to restore the natural balance of the scalp and prevent dandruff from recurring




Based on the target audience and competitive analysis, the market size and opportunity for Malinis is significant. According to industry reports, the global hair care market was valued at over $95 billion in 2020 and is expected to continue to grow in the coming years. The market for anti-dandruff shampoos is a sub-segment of this larger market, with an estimated value of $5 billion in 2020.

In addition, there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable hair care products. As consumers become more aware of the impact of their purchasing decisions on the environment, they are seeking out products that are eco-friendly and made with natural ingredients. This presents a significant opportunity for Malinis to differentiate itself from competitors and capture a share of this growing market.

Overall, the combination of a large and growing hair care market, a sub-segment focused on anti-dandruff products, and a demand for environmentally friendly products presents a significant market opportunity for Malinis



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