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She's Trending provides educational based storytelling and media programs for the youth.

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Project Description

Goal Alert


This is an exciting time for us! She’s Trending is  on a mission to offer educational based storytelling and media programs to the next generation of youth in the community. Connecting our mission with the West Valley in Arizona will not only engage the community and amplify the stories that are being told at the local level but it will help bridge the gap between all communities. With 1.6 millIon people living in the West Valley andGoal Alert (2) 69% of residents commuting outside of the region, She’s Trending is on a mission to put the West Valley on the map. With education being ranked 49 out of 50, we are encouraging the residents to support a community based organization that will help assist in driving employment and new business to the West Valley for social change.


We offer SERVICE in our programs and curriculum to teach the youth to be a service of something. Whether it’s a person, a group, a community, a cause or a belief — which means that you’ve chosen to engage without expectation of reciprocation. We encourage your ORIGINALITY. Whether you’re an artist, innovator or changemaker — be authentic. You are unique as your passion and inspiration make you fearless. We teach you LEADERSHIP. With the resources, tools and mentorship to help you fulfill a rewarding community experience, we inspire to build success from the ground up as a collaborative team. You are connected to us and are an extension of our team. We uplift a community centric spirit with EMPOWERMENT. With our culture, we empower you to create meaningful connections, powerful stories and lasting experiences

We back our mission with excellence. We are committed to the next generation of innovators and changemakers across the world. We not only build leaders, but we change search results with positive content to combat negative search results associate with she. We help students through literacy, educational programs and production taking their projects from concept to reality. As an organization that is committed to people first, we empower our students to invest back into their communities building from the ground up.

As we continue to grow, we encourage you to make a meaningful impact through our mission. Most importantly, we empower you to make connections, bridging the gap for change and progress for all communities. Whether it’s through our website , social media,  or offline community events you have the opportunity to engage revolutionizing your community.

You are here because we know you will contribute to our purpose. Your role here is critical in developing deep connections with our guests that will help She’s Trending continue to redefine perception and stereotypes, driving purpose in communities and in the world. You will help build the foundation, preparing the next generation and teaching students how to be great just like you.

Revolutionize Your Community,

Kia Bess

Founder & Program Director


We’re a team of storytellers, creatives and producers who have always had a taste for the bold and brave. We’re inspired by people from diverse backgrounds who aren’t afraid to blaze a new path and empower others to do the same. We believe that even in the most tumultuous times, those who live to uplift others and be their authentic selves have always been the key to our future. She’s Trending was born out of a thirst for change. Time after time, we looked around the mass media and saw the same type of coverage that continued to define “trends” based on popularity and the superficial rather than the true voices that are making a difference. In the fight for social justice, we’ve always felt that equality between [he] and [she] comes from turning back to the community and uplifting those who are taking great strides towards positive growth.



As we launch our premier screening of Dream, Girl with StarshineAZ and Huntington University on January 30th in Peoria, Arizona, our goal is continue to host independent documentary screenings, festivals and panel discussions for the youth in the West Valley. Our goal is to raise    $10K to offset program costs for an interactive storytelling series and program curriculum. The more we raise, the better quality programming we can deliver. A budget breakdown is included at the bottom this post.


Our first program that we will launching in the Spring is called “Pop up cinema”. She’s Trending Pictures supports independent filmmakers that uplift and inspire the positivity of “she”.  She’s Trending highlights documentaries that are committed to social change in the community to give audiences a richer experience from the director’s perspective and mutual respect for one another. When we choose a film, we believe it has the power to “revolutionize the community” bridging the gap between “she” and “he”. It is our hope that this program will spark leadership leading the next wave of change-makers in the community.

OurGoal_Pop up Cinema _


She’s Trending launched as an online platform in 2015. Founder Kia Bess decided to create a blog that interviewed and highlighted the unsung heroes who were doing meaningful work in our communities. During high school and college she ran across so many great women that inspired me and realized these women needed a platform to highlight their initiatives. Kia decided to create a platform that recognized women at the local level through a collection of stories, interviews, and trending content. She wanted to create an arena of opportunity for these women’s stories and voices to shine while sparking motivation for action in the community. At the time, the goal of She’s Trending was to encourage initiatives at the local level. Whether it’s a woman dominating in her career as a creative genius, to the little girl who takes a sport by storm, or someone who is has a newsworthy idea, we were going to be the place to go. Kia’s drive was to direct the world’s attention to stories that matter, helping to bring awareness to the unsung heroes in our community. She wanted to create a positive environment where people felt comfortable to share their own lessons, challenges, and incredible experiences in their journey. It was a place for women to share their story will inspiring others in their most candid moments. With the help of SEED Spot, an organization committed to social change, new entrepreneurs, education, training, support, we realized the true impact of She’s Trending and wanted to scale  this exciting movement on a broader level with the community.

Since She’s Trending’s conception in 2015, we’ve been set on building a platform where the awesome stories we found could shine, all while keeping her in mind. In 2016, we collaborated with Magnetry to discover the muse behind the “she” in She’s Trending. Shortly after meeting Krysten, we premiered an 8-minute film documenting the story of Krysten Aldridge, founder of the One True Love Food Truck in Phoenix, Arizona. One True Love is a non-profit organization whose entire mission is to feed those who need it most and ensure that generosity and nourishment are never seen as a luxury.

Krysten’s human experience reflected the grit and passion that we often see in the community, but don’t see highlighted due to the influences of mass media. Krysten quickly became the muse behind [She’s Trending], and the rest is history.

This idea has always been a dream of mind, however it was Seed Spot a local incubator hub in Phoenix, Arizona that really brought my venture full circle. She’s Trending is ready for the next stage and this pivotal moment is the exciting part as people watch us grow. Kia wouldn’t have it any other way, because it’s shows a part of her and She’s Trending transparency in what we stand for and believe in as a company. “I’m a small town girl from Apple Valley, California also know as the “High Desert” and I always told myself that I will not give up until the place I called home is trending, giving the youth resources they need to giveback to their community. I will put my city on the map”. -Kia Bess



Animation & Design- $4K

Print Production – $2K

Copy & Editing – $2K

Business Fees, Legal Expenses – $2K


We are truly thankful to our She’s Trending “street team” otherwise known as our tribe. This movement is bigger than us and hope you see the love and our passion to elevate the next generation of trendsetters.



We have our goal set for $10K, to produce the highest quality programming possible. The more we raise, the more people we can collaborate to work on this project. We are aiming to create a movement with educational programming for the next generation. With quality and excellence at the forefront we are aiming for nothing less. Every little bit helps, so we appreciate the love and can’t wait to share more exciting projects with you!