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See Things Differently

We create custom tailored eyewear that are designed for the specific person to enhance comfort, fit, vision, and appearance.

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Project Description

How To Get Clear Eyesight While Looking Younger With Custom Eyewear

Get the best of both sight and aesthetics without having to sacrifice or compromise either one.

Giving you Unstoppable Vision. 


Do you hate your glasses? Ever wonder what it’ll be like to see clearly and be confident in your appearance without going through scary and invasive surgeries? Are you dealing with the hurt, pain, and headaches of blurry vision? Glasses or contacts that are uncomfortable to wear? Do you feel overwhelmed, dismissed, frustrated and alone when all you're trying to do is get clear vision with contacts and glasses that fit well and look good?


That’s because you're doing things the OLD way. You need glasses and contacts that are made for YOU and for YOU only, not mass produced, one size fits all frames or online contacts. We can maximize your vision, eliminate pains from poorly fitting glasses and contacts, and build confidence in your appearance. 


You are not alone. We are here to guide you every step of the way to finally get the clearest vision and confidence that can take you to experience new things…confidence to form deep and meaningful relationships…fulfillment in your work life, family life, and hobbies…control over your life…operating at the highest level…independence..desirability.. Youth. Accentuate your best features and elevate your appearance while having incredible clarity of vision, making you UNSTOPPABLE.


By designing  your own  unique vision vessel, we create  glasses and contact lenses fully custom to your face, eyes, and vision. We want to serve you at the highest level to go  beyond 5 stars. We strive to be at the  7 star level of service, quality, and attention that transforms your future beyond just eye care. 


Get the absolute best vision and feel confident in how you look for the best price in less than 90 days or we will keep working for you for FREE. 


Stop discounting your vision and getting the same suboptimal results. Invest in optimizing your visual capabilities and aesthetics with customized eye care and eyewear. 


Contact us for details on how you can get crystal clear eyesight WHILE improving your appearance at the same time.


Patient Pains:

Major problems and pains you are most likely experiencing.


  1. Can’t see with glasses/contacts as well as you believe you can
  2. Glasses/contacts that don’t fit right and are uncomfortable to wear
  3. Not confident in how you look with glasses
  4. Not being able to see what you need and want to see. 
  5. Fear of looking old (feel young but want to look young too).
  6. Afraid to have face to face interactions in fear of how you look.
  7. Hate dealing with a dismissive, uncaring doctor
  8. Hate dealing with rude, inconsiderate, and inexperienced sales people


My Journey


I hated wearing glasses. My small nose and large cheeks made it really hard for me to find frames that didn't slide down and press on my face. I was getting headaches from clenching my jaw so tight just to keep the glasses from falling off. Whenever I went to an eyeglass store and explained my glasses issues to the sales people, they kept telling me the same thing, “Your nose is too flat”. 


I blamed my flat nose for my glasses struggles and started to become self conscious of how I looked. I figured I wasn’t meant to wear glasses so I begged my mom to get me contact lenses. When I finally got contacts, I wore them so much that I developed an ulcer on my eye. The optometrist told me if I didn’t stop wearing contacts I could lose my eyesight so I was forced to wear ugly, uncomfortable glasses again. The lenses in my glasses were heavy. I felt like I was looking through Coke bottles and I was made fun of at school every day. 


You might not have experienced these same struggles but I can understand how it feels to be brushed aside, ignored, and judged. My lack of confidence in how I looked prevented me from meeting people and exploring new experiences. I was so uncomfortable in my own skin that it was painful to be myself. If you have ever felt this way, I understand where you’re coming from.  


I want to help people achieve their fullest potential in life, love, and relationships by building up their self confidence. I believe that the more people I can uniquely impact to achieve a happy and fulfilling life, I can help make the world become a more positive and supportive place for my toddler son to grow up in.


You ready to see how this is all gonna work?


Delivery Mechanisms (Expanded in slides)

Step 1 - Discovery: Patient led no judgment Vision Discovery. No more “Better 1 or 2?” questions, no air puff, no dilation. We’re going to discover your vision potential and create an eye care plan to optimize your eyesight. Producing your own unique Vision Print to start designing your tailor fit eyewear. Insurances only cover low tier services and basic products thus limiting your eye health and wellness potential. 


Step 2 - Clarity: Creating a Vision Vessel: custom lenses for full vision clarity and comfort. Designing lenses for your lifestyle needs. Maximize the enjoyment of your hobbies, family life, and optimize work performance. Cookie cutter lenses and online contacts limit your ultimate eyesight potential. 


Step 3 - Design:  Accentuate your best features and elevate your appearance while having incredible clarity of vision with Vision Design. Creating eyewear not only for clear vision but for aesthetics. You might be able to see the craters on the moon but look like Point Dexter (image) and you won’t be happy. Get the best of both vision and aesthetics without having to sacrifice and compromise either one. 


How do big box glasses chains and insurances prevent you from achieving maximum eyesight potential?


Big Box Chains

Mass produced, one size fits all frames

Cookie cutter lenses

Optically inexperienced sales people

Optimized for money not patient experience



One time use for a year

Generic lenses and treatments = poor vision clarity

Coverage restrictions

Basic services


Big box chains and insurances treat everyone the same and do things the same, leading to the same disappointing outcome. Only innovative and customized care can fully transform the individual, unique person.


How does poor vision and low confidence affect your life?


Slowed down from struggling to read

Making mistakes at work

Being thought of as incompetent from co-workers

Can’t enjoy hobbies

Can’t keep up with life, family, or relationship demands

Wearing reading glasses to see the dinner menu on a date

Bing self conscious 

Limiting new experiences and not trying new things

Unable to form deep relationships

Scared to have face to face interactions at work and social functions


These things lead to feeling helpless, a lack of control, and being restricted to a boring, secluded life.


Target Market: People 35-58 years old who need vision correction without having vision correction surgery.  Those who want to look younger and elevate their appearance.

Why are we seeking funding? To buildout a second location. Needing funds for equipment, inventory, and payroll.


The Campaign FAQs

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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

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65,000.00 USD
Custom glasses designed by owner

A fully custom pair of eye glasses designed by the owner and engraved with your name. One of a kind piece of art that you can wear. 

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Monetary Contribution

Just Because I Care

0 Supporters
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65,000.00 USD
Custom glasses designed by owner

A fully custom pair of eye glasses designed by the owner and engraved with your name. One of a kind piece of art that you can wear. 

3 Left
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