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NEW Web App! Enhancing worship by connecting Bible scriptures to songs in one simple search.

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Project Description


Scripturally Sound enhances worship by connecting Bible scriptures to songs in one simple search.

At its best, Christian music draws from the word of God, the Bible. But never before has there been a resource for Christ-followers to discover, reference and discuss the biblical inspiration behind song lyrics of their faith. Additionally, worship music directors are often met with the challenge of finding worship music that corresponds with a particular scripture, bible theme or what a minister will preach. Enter

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Whether an individual is a fan of traditional hymns, gospel, southern gospel, CCM (contemporary), holy hip hop, Christian global music, or any song inspired by scripture regardless of music genre, the web app’s search engine allows users to enter the song title or artist’s name and find lyrics that cite bible verses, which users can contribute, for free.  Users can also input their existing song playlists to have their songs catalogued by genre, bible topic and more. Paid subscribers can get lyric-inspired bible studies, which benefit worship (music) leaders as they point people to God during service. The lessons–packed with commentary, assigned bible reading and questions–can be studied by the worship team in preparation for a service, offered as a program for churchgoers, or read by Christian music listeners who want to delve deeper in God’s word by using Christian music as their guide. Given the bible’s repeating themes, lyrics are cross referenced with different bible passages, offering a wealth of wisdom.

The web app’s search engine also works in reverse, allowing worship leaders, ministers, filmmakers, or dance choreographers to find songs when they search by scripture or bible theme. This feature prevents the disconnect that church attendees can experience when they engage in praise music, and then hear a sermon that has no relation to the song.  Scripturally Sound solves this problem, providing suitable songs that support sermons, which creates a cohesive church-going experience. The transition from worship through music to sermon-listening is seamless. As an added bonus, the worship director gets exposed to unfamiliar songs and artists. Scripturally Sound also features blog posts; music, movie and video reviews; and interviews with artists who want to connect with their fans by providing more insight about their songwriting process and inspiration.

More than a lyric site, Scripturally Sound is a community, and bible memory tool that combines education and music worship, which we call “edu-worship.” Aiding Christians in their Godly walk, the platform is a digital solution to an ever increasing tech-savvy demographic that includes believers. The church can no longer afford to be left behind, relying on 20th century engagement methods. The song-to-scripture and scripture-to-song resource provides a robust interactive database, that boosts bible knowledge. Scripturally Sound thus sets itself apart from competitors that only provide Christian lyrics or bible lessons with traditional education approaches. The result? A content, returning church-goer scripturally sound in their choice of worship music and biblically engaged. Join our mailing list to stay updated on our progress.

CEO & Founder

Kimberly Lannear, CEO & Founder, Worship Leader

I began listening to Christian music while in my mom’s womb—and haven’t stopped since. Singing began at age three, self-accompanied on pots and pans. Soon I was leading the choir of my home church in Brooklyn, NY, pastored by my grandfather. Through years of performing on stage and studying voice and piano, I learned that no matter how technically skilled a singer or musician is, passion and evoking a story is what captures audiences. How true this is for singers and musicians leading church services not as performers, but worshipers sharing God’s story in song, ushering people into the Lord’s presence. As a Christ-follower who loved music but had been challenged by reading the Bible consistently, I knew that worship leaders and the larger Christian community could benefit from a tool that connected song to scripture. Music has been proven to be a powerful memory tool, as demonstrated by how people learn the alphabet through the ABC song. I also loved the idea that such a platform could bring the diverse body of Christ together. And so, as they say, an idea was born. Read more here.

Scripturally Sound has been accepted into the Project Music program–headed by the Nashville Entrepreneur Center–which offers funding, a music business curriculum, and advisory for early music-tech startups.

Wes Nelson

Wes Nelson, UX/UI Front-end Development, Worship Leader

Scripturally Sound Advisors

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