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SAWA SAWA is a sustainable, ethically made, slow, eco-fashion brand handcrafted by artisan women in Kenya.

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Project Description

  • Our mission is to empower artisan women in Kenya make a sustainable, dignified living using ancient skills handed down through generations in weaving, beading, basketry, art and more. 
  • Sawa Sawa is a platform for the artisan women to share their talent with the world. It helps solve poverty related problems by encouraging female entrepreneurship, economic independence, women empowerment, equity, poverty reduction and more by partnering with the artisan women and creating a demand for their products.
  • Our market is the American consumer that cares about the source of product they consume, the materials that go into the fashion, the process of creation, the effects on the artisans and the environment. Our market encourages sustainable living, ethical, eco friendly materials and earth conscious choices.
  • Our company is a black woman founded, sustainable, ethically made, eco fashion, non-profit brand in Austin, Texas. Our goal is to partner with artisan women to design and create fashion that is authentic to the ancient craftsmanship and preserves the stories and messages that have been passed down. We bring fashion that is good for the people, the process, the artisans, the materials, and the world while being fashionable, elegant, graceful, timeless, textural and high quality.
  • We are seeking funding to expand production. This will help us partner with more artisan women, empower more women, increase our available fashion products and gain a larger following for our brand and for slow, ethical fashion.
  • Our team is led by Anne and Catherine. They are the co-founders of the brand. They were both born and raised in Kenya. Anne is based in Austin and handles the commerce side of the business. Catherine is based in Nairobi, Kenya and handles the production and non-profit programs. It also includes a board made of strong, passionate women, volunteers and staff.
  • Thank you for taking the learn about our brand. We are grateful to you. Please follow us on our social media to learn more and stay in touch.


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Are you a black woman founded brand? Yes.
  • Are your products sustainable and ethical? Yes.
  • Do you have vegan options? Yes.
  • Are your products organic and natural? Yes.
  • Where are you headquartered? Austin, Texas
  • What motivates you? The artisan women and the difference we make.



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Just Because I Care

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