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A Reflection of You - H.L. by Design

Fund H.L. by Design to help launch our studio with the mission of creating innovative kitchen and bath design solutions for tomorrow.

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Project Description

  •  Our mission is to create a space in the kitchen or bathroom where the homeowner can go to relax, where family and friends can gather, or a space you go to set your mind free of all the other distractions happening in your life.
  • The problem we would be solving is functionality. When you have a properly functioning space, your stress levels go down, your productivity increases, and most importantly a safe space will be created to help minimize future incidents. Although functionality is most important, we will also be taking a space that needs a facelift into a space that is clean, fresh, and visually appealing to enter.
  • Market size opportunity is pretty much endless with each resident in the area. At some point, everyone needs a kitchen or bath remodel. It can be outdated, it can be too small, or sometimes a small leak can be the culprit to having to do repairs.
  • Our company acts as the one stop shop. Our showroom provides all the materials you will need for a kitchen or bath remodel. The Designers on staff help walk through your project of work needing to be performed. Then our contractors transform your space into a new one. By having your Designer not only design the space for you, knows and sells the materials needed for your project, and as your General Contractor it helps puts the client at ease and helps keep the project organized and on schedule. 
  • H.L. by Design is seeking funding for the start-up costs. This will help with the lease of the building and to set up the displays in the showroom for clients to be able to see materials in an actual display.
  • Our team consists of Owner and Designer Heather L. Wilson. Heather has a Design degree and 10+ years in the remodeling industry. Heather specializes in kitchens and bathrooms. With a background in flipping houses, she learned early on the installation process behind the remodel. Because of this, she not only designs beautiful spaces, but her experience makes working with sub-contractors more organized for a smoother remodel.
  • H.L. by Design would like to thank each and every one of you for considering a donation to us. We have supported the community in so many ways and want to continue that support with this new adventure!!


The Campaign FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is your process?
  • Do you come to our house first or do we come to the showroom?
  • Who do you have to do the install?
  • What is your time frame for install?
  • Are your materials low maintenance for easy cleaning?
  • How much would a project like this cost?



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