Reborn Clothing Co.

Transform the clothing that has been abandoned in the back of your closet.

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Project Description

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Reborn Clothing Co. transforms the clothing you no longer want to wear into one of our set products, such as a laptop case or pencil pouch. We get that some articles of clothing have too much nostalgic value to give or throw away, but that doesn’t mean they should be abandoned in the back of your closet either. In each of our products, you will recognize the familiarity of your dad’s old flannel, your grandma’s apron, or your concert t-shirts.


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We will also offer a custom design option for clothing you would like to continue wearing if a few things were different. Sometimes all an old pair of jeans needs is a little TLC to be back in style. You will work closely with our team of designers to see that your vision for your garments is carried through.


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This sustainable fashion company is being started by two NC State students and their team of designers from the College of Textiles. They need seed money to hire more contractors to pick up even more projects, to create their brand, and to help get your clothing out of your closet and back to being used. The company is set to launch for the NC State community and surrounding area on November 17, 2017. All consultations will take place on or near NC State’s campus. We hope to grow our business to be able to fill demand from internet sales in the future, which will require more funding and experience with this extremely unique idea!

We hope you will consider supporting our team. We are a team of female entrepreneurs dedicated to providing an alternative to textile waste. We hope that our small steps will create a larger impact on the fashion industry.